Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eliminate the paper - app alternative to business cards

Ditch that pile of biz cards, and use Hashable to exchange contact information instead. Type in a person's email address or Twitter handle to exchange contact info. Hashable automatically tags these contacts with location and date so you can find them later – and Hashable will send you an email with a list of everyone you met at the end of each week to make follow-up easier.

Track your meetings, calls and other events. For your private use, or coordinate with your friends, coworkers, teammates.

And for those of you Hashing it up from Twitter – they've created a whole slate of event tags to make things even easier. Any time you Tweet with someone using any of the event tags – Hashable will pick it up. By using these tags from Twitter, you can sort your contacts in Hashable to find the people you met at each event.

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