Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eliminate the paper - app alternative to business cards

Ditch that pile of biz cards, and use Hashable to exchange contact information instead. Type in a person's email address or Twitter handle to exchange contact info. Hashable automatically tags these contacts with location and date so you can find them later – and Hashable will send you an email with a list of everyone you met at the end of each week to make follow-up easier.

Track your meetings, calls and other events. For your private use, or coordinate with your friends, coworkers, teammates.

And for those of you Hashing it up from Twitter – they've created a whole slate of event tags to make things even easier. Any time you Tweet with someone using any of the event tags – Hashable will pick it up. By using these tags from Twitter, you can sort your contacts in Hashable to find the people you met at each event.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Security on Facebook, app to scan and protect your account

Recently a number of people found malicious and offensive posts on their profiles and pages. Unfortunately these posts were not from the persons indicated. Some form of hacking had taken place.

An excellent article was written in March on on two apps that can protect your Facebook account.

One app, Norton Safe Web for Facebook is bundled with the Norton products, but anybody can use it for free. It scans your Facebook page's links and reports any bad ones.

If you're concerned about dangerous links (and you should be), there is also another app recommended and more info in this article at .

Happy and safe networking